The 12 Week Breakdown Process of our 100% Compostable Cement Bags

Following two years of research and development, in January, we began overhauling the entire BluCem bagged product line, switching to Australia’s first 100% compostable cement bag. The switch to the compostable bags means that the annual 250,000+ plastic bags will no longer be added to landfill.

Our compostable cement bags have undergone a Biodegradability Assessment, conducted at CSIRO. The testing has been successful and concurs with AS 4736 as well as EN 14332. The diagram to the right shows the progressive breakdown of the bags over a 12-week period.

The CSIRO identified in the Biodegradability Assessment that there were milestones throughout the biodegradation process which marked the removal of unsafe toxins and elements. These include:

  • Worm Toxicity Test: AS4736 (14 days)
  • Plant Toxicity (14 days)
  • Biodegradation (45 days)
  • Becomes residual compost (In 84 days).

The bags also include a rain barrier which is designed to absorb less moisture than conventional polyethylene film bags, meaning storage practises remain the same. The water-repellent surface is formulated to keep a high tensile strength even on wet construction sites, preventing rupture.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Improved shelf life
  • CSIRO & USFDA approved
  • Meets Australian Standards Requirements
  • Improved product filling speeds
  • Reduction in landfill
  • Positive customer and consumer feedback.